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We specialize in technology consulting, offering personalized services tailored to the needs of each client.

We are proactive and committed
We are strategic and avant-garde
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We are an Argentine company that was born in the capital city of Córdoba Province. We specialize in technology consulting, offering personalized services tailored to the needs of each client.

Experts of the Brain team have international certifications from our strategic partners that guarantee an excellent service, allowing us to anticipate needs in the companies for which we work and thus enhance their IT resources.

We provide transversal solutions to the entire organization and are committed to continuous improvement, quality and customer satisfaction.

We are Brain Technology.

Solutions and Services


We provide consulting services and carry out virtualization projects by centralizing administration to maximize performance, enhance operational efficiency and accelerate innovation by using VMWare as a platform + Dell / Lenovo HW aimed at improving infrastructure use, increasing productivity.

Data Protection

We focus on the security of your company’s data. In a world of cybercrime, protecting your data is our top priority. We have the support of the top companies specialized in data protection.

Technology Infraestructure

We have a personalized technical service available for your organization to provide consulting services and implement solutions based on X-86 architecture. We offer you experts certified in infrastructure technologies for the management, implementation and consulting of your company.

Information Security

Our Information Security area is specialized in cybercrimes. Its main objective is to provide consulting services and support to our clients in view of the constantly evolving threats that affect data centers. We have recovery tools and a team of experts available to act immediately in the event of a possible disaster.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Together with our Business Intelligence team, your company will make strategic and efficient decisions for greater performance. You will be able to visualize all the variables that surround your organization and be able to use that information so that your decisions are effective and assertive. We offer you an exclusive service based on your needs.


We have an exclusive Data Base Administrator (DBA) area. If your company manages a database, the role of our experts is essential to ensure its productivity, successful performance and effectiveness. We guarantee you a secure and reliable database, providing business value to the information system.

Concrete Industry Proyect

The concrete industry is one of the most traditional sectors in the market.
At Brain Technology we are working to take it to the next level through data analysis. Business Intelligence applied to one of the most important industries due to its size and function.


Training is essential to be competitive and cutting-edge in IT. At Brain Technology you can do it. We offer you official certificates from our partners so that your team is always up to date on the latest technologies.


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